Our history

It all started many years ago. I am a sausage maker and butcher and I was contacted by an acquaintance who had a dog that could not eat any of the dog foods available. I made a dog food for him of fish and fresh, raw meat which the dog ate. And it made a full recovery and became very healthy.

I was, a little after this, contacted by a dog sled organization. They were looking for a better and more nutritional food which would allow their sled dog teams to cope better with the strains they were exposed to. Robert Sørlie won the world’s longest dog sled race in 2003, the 1800 km long ‘Iditarod’ in Alaska. The fuel that drove these dogs was Vom og Hundemat. We today supply dog food to most of the world’s best dog sled teams and others who actively take part in dog sports.

It all began in our kitchen at our farm here in Trøgstad. Today we however produce our food products in our brand new, modern production premises on Hennie’s and my farm here at Trøgstad.


Give your dog the food it is has evolved to eat – nothing more, nothing less. A dog’s best dog food.


Simplify the dog food category by creating it, never compromising, always preparing the best food for your dog no matter its age, breed or the sport your dog is involved in.

Our values

  • We believe that openness and honesty are at very heart of all success.

  • We keep our promises and do what we say we will do.

  • We should be able to be proud of everything we do – in business, in the working situation and in relation to each other.

  • Everyone occasionally makes a mistake. However it is not acceptable to try to cover up mistakes or to blame others.

Trust, mutual respect and humility

Trust is believing in the good intentions of others and starting each day with the belief that everything that everyone says and does is based on the very best intentions.

Every successful cooperation begins with mutual respect. Respect for people, animals, tasks and challenges and respect for each other’s competence, money and time.

Everyone has more questions than answers and there will always be more than one path to a goal.

Approaching challenges with an attitude of humility is a very good approach to bring into every cooperation. And so is the ability to listen.

The wise who listen should also be listened to.

Serious mindedness and professionality

We have an absolute respect for the highest ethical and professional standards both in relation to our fellow human beings, animals, suppliers, customers and all others we do business with.

We do not compromise nor do we take any short cuts that can undermine our unrivalled quality, brand and reputation.

Our goals

The company has grown well and we believe that this is because both dogs and dog owners like our products. There only has ever been one goal for the company – and that is to work hard every day to make the best food for your dog.
And that is just what we will be doing tomorrow, the day after, the day after that and out into the future.

Sales figures

The quality we supply and the trust we have earned has taken us far beyond Trøgstad and Norway, without us ever having consciously planned to expand.

Today we export our high quality dog food, made from only Norwegian raw materials and with no additives, to quality conscious dog people in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

We will never compromise on the quality of our products, not even where this can promote growth or increase our financial gains.

Food production

The strict requirements that apply to quality inspections, cleanliness and hygiene in the production of food for humans also apply to the production of food for dogs. And we are very glad that this is so. We set very strict requirements across the entire production process, from raw material sourcing until our products are out in the shops. Vom og Hundemat has a very good working relationship with specialists at The Norwegian University of Life Sciences who have carried out a number of studies on hygienic and nutritional quality. We carry out our own in-house testing and analyses and are also regularly inspected by The Norwegian Food Safety Authority to ensure that we are doing everything in the way required. They are welcome to inspect us at any time.

Raw materials

All the raw materials we use come from Norway. It has always been this way and will always be this way. We have a close and good working relationship with many Norwegian abattoirs both on land and at sea. We however set strict requirements upon our suppliers, but have also developed with them very good procedures for ensuring the high quality of the raw materials we use.

Transport to Trøgstad

Raw materials are frozen at the abattoir and are transported directly to our production facility at Trøgstad. Chicken and salmon are collected on the day of slaughter from local production facilities and raw materials are transported straight into our freezer storage facility, where the temperature is maintained at -20°C.


Frozen raw materials are transported directly from our freezer storage facility to the production lines. The raw materials are then thawed and samples are taken to ensure they meet our high quality standards. They are then weighed to ensure they are mixed in the correct ratios and achieve the correct taste.

Our recipes are designed to ensure you dog receives the nutrients it needs. We place great emphasis on ensuring that energy is correctly divided between protein and fats and that mineral and vitamin requirements are met.

Raw materials and finished products are carefully monitored by qualified personnel during production. All batches are registered to ensure traceability and samples are taken. Mixes are also regularly sent for analysis to check chemical composition and bacteria.


The finished product is packed and then sent directly from the production line to the despatch freezer storage facility. The total time that it takes to produce the food, from frozen raw materials to finished product, is around 30 minutes.


You don’t need to be the biggest company with the most financial accountants and chemical engineers to be the best. Many years of experience and a lot of levelheadedness can take you a long way. However, you must love dogs and be genuinely interested in their very best if you are going to produce the very best dog food. And this is the most important quality we demand from all who work here.

Magne Østby<br />
Magne Østby

Has had dogs all his life. First Norwegian Buhunds, but for the past 25 years wire haired Dachshunds. He uses his dogs regularly for hunting, but are also family dogs.
Roy Storli<br />
Roy Storli

Has been involved with working dogs since the early 1990s and was actively involved in dog sledding from 2004 to 2013. Competed in medium distance races at a high level, winning 2 European Championship silver medals and 2 Norwegian Championships gold medals. Now trains an Alsatian called Marco for the Norwegian Search and Rescue Dogs organization. Initiator of and project manager of VOM’s dog sled team for the Ridderrennet race.
Marte Heilemann<br />
Marte Heilemann

Product manager
Began dog sledding in 1988 as a balata on the ambulance team in the Nordmarka forest north of Oslo. Became hooked on racing after spending a winter in Alaska, since then winning many Norwegian Championship medals, 2 x European Championship gold medals and 2 x World Championship gold medals. Has 10 Alaskan Huskies and a Parson Russell Terrier.
Roy Gustavsen<br />
Roy Gustavsen

Production manager
Has always had dogs. Today owns a Hamilton Hound and a Drever which, as a hunting enthusiast, he uses extensively.
Sølvi S. Raasok<br />
Sølvi S. Raasok

Riding has been her big interest in life and she competes in western competitions. There, however, are a lot of dogs in the riding world. She eventually bought her own dog, a Parson Russell Terrier and now can not imagine life without a dog!